Guide for On Page SEO Optimization that you are going to need in 2019

on page seo optimizationThere are tons of websites on the internet, for making everything arranged and in order, Google decided some rules which all sites have to follow. It is also known as SEO or Search engine organization. Well, apart from that, there is one more term which is called as on page Seo which basically maintains pages according to all rules so it can rank in search engine list.

What is on page Seo?

The basic and most important rule of SEO is to provide the value and also to prove that your site have much better content and other elements which make your site different from any other website on the internet. For that, there are different plans that you can find and also get services for help. However, the very first thing where you need to focus on is the content you have on your site. Apart from that, quality is another factor which plays an important role in making your rank boost. Also, the SEO will choose those pages or sites who are actually offering real solutions based on the recent searches of people on search boxes.

Well on page Seo optimization is a basic use to creating as well as enhancing signals which are relevant to the webpage. It completely depends on the queries or searches that have been made by the people on search engines.

Rules to follow for getting the best results and response

For improving your web page, there are few factors and their rules that you must know so you can boost the quality and also get the rank on search engines.

  1. Keyword research

The basic thing, the keyword is basically those terms which are used by the people when they were searching for something online. It connects your website to those search results. However, before you start writing; you must know which type of queries you are going to cover.

  • One main keyword: when you are choosing the main keyword, look for the least used terms. Also, the main keyword should be related to other keywords that you covered in your writing.
  • Amount of text should be good: it’s the page where the queries related to that term will be explained. Also, the term also belongs to other similar queries family. That’s why you should cover the topic well for getting more attention.
  • Follow the keyword cannibalization: Don’t get into similar looking keywords or most used terms for avoiding any kind of confusion as well as a completion with all different similar websites.
  1. URL

URL is an important part which let the visitor know if the page is going to help them or not. The address of the URL includes your domain and parent folders. It’s the shortest summary about what the page will consist.

  • Use the target keyword: The URL must consist of your main keyword or targeted keyword which looks relatable. It helps in providing a better experience to your visitors
  • Length: never go for long, lengthy and too much detailed URL. Instead of that, you should use short, accurate and simple URL address. It’s also important as the audience will remember it.
  • Accessibility: The easy URL not just help to get remember for the people who are visiting but also the search machine can find it simple too.
  1. Meta description

Another vital part is important to understand. It’s basically a snippet which is a form of short description about what your page is containing. Apart from that it also important as its paper on the search engine, under the title of the page.

  • Short description: Never cross the characters as keep it in between 150-160. It’s basically for not writing too much stuff as there is not that much space on the bar.
  • Super keyword: Use the main or targeted keyword in the description; Make it simple and suitable as it doesn’t look like you fitted it there. It should look normal and friendly to other sentences.
  • Informative: Meta description should be like short summary about exact content which is written inside the page. However make it interesting and don’t reveal everything, let the visitor click and open your link.
  1. Content

There is no doubt that content is the thing which runs your website and because of which it’s also known as king. It’s the only way for attracting people, getting a better rank and also driving more traffic. Also on page Seo content is a vital part when it comes to getting the rank you want on a search engine.

  • Keep it original: whatever you write, make sure you are not copying or rewriting it. Not just its bad for your site but also you might get a report for plagiarism content. Such sites also get removed from search engines.
  • Keep it clear: Choose whatever you write carefully, do not use filler instead of that say what you want your readers to know. Also, don’t mix too many topics together as the reader might get confused about what you are saying.
  • Keep it relevant: The content should contain what the visitor wants to know. Also, use the keyword properly that fit naturally. Also, don’t get too hard on language as you don’t want your readers to feel confused.
  1. Images

One of the important factors is choosing images for what you have written or for the site. Images can help in attracting more visitors and make the site look presentable. Apart from that, it helps the audience to learn better

  • Quality in image: Don’t just choose any image. You better do research about what kind of image will suit the content. Also, don’t compromise with the revolution as a bad picture can spoil the hard work you did
  • Make it suitable for the page: Don’t choose too large or too small in size when it comes to image. Choose image which can simply get load when the site open.