Email Retargeting and Remarketing

What is it?

email retargetingEmail Retargeting is a process that has occurred to everyone with an email address visiting websites however no one knows the technical term. It is the process of receiving emails by websites that you may have entered your email in or might have just been a short visitor to.

Who does it help?

Ecommerce marketers make out the most use of email marketing and email retargeting since it allows more users to revisit the site that they might have visited once or forgot to visit again. The database covers visitors that are noCRM.

Email Retargeting – Over time

There have been three significant terms for email retargeting since it has all began. The three terms are as follows:

  1. Retargeted ads
  2. Email remarketing/triggered emails
  3. noCRM email retargeting/performance email

Retargeted ads: Once you have subscribed to a website or you are its oldest customer, it will target you through social media websites that you are a part of through the same email ID and present you with ads of their websites. It will have access to your database through your email ID and can access for advertisements whenever it is needed.

Email remarketing: If you are an existing customer to a website and log in after a while, you will instantly receive emails regarding the website about the abandoned cart or any email based campaign they might be running at that point. This is possible when the website detects your login details or cookie.

noCRM email retargeting: You are not a subscriber to a website yet you still receive their emails and ads which in short is noCRM email retargeting. This process takes place via partners and publishers databases.

Email Retargeting – Tactics

The best strategies for email retargeting or email remarketing are when a perfect email series is constructed and also when the visitor behavior is studied. A perfect email series generates from the abandoned cart left at websites that allow the websites to email the visitors to come back and revisit the cart in order to covert those visitors into customers. A visitor is studied in order to understand the wants and needs of the person so when the email is sent it is exactly what the visitor wants to see and instantly agrees to visit the website again. There are common emails retargeting campaigns that are very helpful and are frequently used by the websites. They commonly pertain to abandoned visits to the websites that are tracked and traced to form a perfect strategy. They are as follows:

  1. Abandoned Cart Emails
  2. Abandoned Product Browse Emails
  3. Abandoned Search or Category Emails
  4. Abandoned Website Page Emails

Abandoned cart emails: In this situation a cart on any website is filled and you’ve chosen items to buy but right at the end you decide to leave the cart as is and directly close everything; it gives an in for the site to trace you via your email and send you constant reminders to continue shopping or end the shopping that you previously started. 10% percent of the customers of the customers fill their cart and 3% percent go through with the shopping however the website wants an in between percentage from 3 to 10 to take the leap and buy their products.

Abandoned product browse emails: In this scenario you only browse through a website and the matter does not even go till the cart however everything that you browsed is now fashioned in an email that is sent to you by the website. The email consists of most of the things you browsed through with their prices reminding you that you might need those items and you can purchase them at any time of the day.

Abandoned search or category emails: This case is best suited for websites that are not selling a product but a service because the prices of the service fluctuate and there are many options to choose from. When you want to stay somewhere but are looking for the cheapest option, you might not find it at first but then you receive an email from the website with best combination of a stay with multiple add-ons that are reasonable.

Abandoned website page emails: This situation may arise when you’ve visited a website merely due to an accidental click or maybe out of curiosity. The emails regarding such incidents are not to push you to buy anything rather it is more about branding their website and giving out information about what they do, what they are and how they function.

Aforementioned are the types of emails and the strategies that construct around them to get more visitors to the website. Nevertheless an email needs to be powerful enough for the visitor to click on it, open it and then visit the website and for that a method called “OLA!” is used which means:

  • Open: Email is opened by the recipient.
  • Like: The subject matter is liked by the recipient.
  • Action: The Call to Action [CTA] by the website is clicked on by recipient.
  • The required action followed through by the recipient on the website.

Email retargeting – Best Schemes

Email retargeting can have better results through schemes. If a visitor is receives tailored emails according to his or her taste then there might be a fair chance that they go through their abandoned purchase. If a visitor gets an email from the website at appropriate time, which can be a few hours or several days depending on the visitors search and browsing, then the chances of purchase may get higher. Also using incentives like free shipping or discount on first buys or new membership can allure visitors into purchasing products from the website.