Website Design

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Have you been wondering how much it would cost to build a new website for your business? Or maybe you’ve tried designing your own website but are now looking for something more professional? Our team of expert wordpress design and developers have the skill set to create a website you can truly be proud of. Snap consists of a talented team of web designers who can make your brand look great online. We build great-looking and easy to manage FAST wordpress websites for local businesses all the way up to multi-million dollar enterprise businesses. The Snap team can build you an industry leading website along with organic SEO and traffic-generating strategy that is sure to help your business grow.

Responsive Website Design

Your business website design doesn’t do much good if it doesn’t look great on mobile devices. Recent stats show that over 52% of websites are viewed over mobile devices and mobile viewing is likely to break 75% within just 5 years. Given this reality, it is more important than ever that your website be mobile responsive. This “responsive” aspect pertains to how the website automatically adjusts and resizes itself to fit properly on smaller screens. In most cases, you don’t need a separate full size website and a secondary mobile-only website. Instead, a responsive website adjusts automatically so you can be assured your site visitors will always have a good viewing experience through smart web design. To be the among the best web design companies these days, all websites built must have responsive framework as the standard.

Websites Optimized for Local SEO

Web design companies should be graded not only by how great the design is of the websites they build, but also by how well the local search marketing factors are baked into the new site. Snap has a talented team of SEO professionals with strategy in mind to get your website found by your ideal prospects on Google Search. Snap has built up a quality reputation as being one of the most highly  trusted web design agencies in Michigan, serving clients all across America. Great local SEO requires a strategy by which we first develop a top keyword list with you as we learn about your business goals. We identify exactly how you want to be found on Google Search, who your competitors are, and how to beat them. You may be in a competitive industry which takes a true SEO expert to have your new site rising to the top.

There is something refreshing and exciting about launching a newly developed company website. With many web design companies to choose, from we’re confident you will find that Snap Digital Marketing is the best choice for your next business website project. Contact our website professionals today to schedule your free strategy call and quote for your new business website.

Get a Professional Website That Converts

A high quality web design company makes sure to consider the following characteristics of every website built:

  • Layout: The placement of all the content on each web page is known as the layout. An aesthetic layout of the website can catch the eye of the visitor and make them want to browse more and make it easy for them to find their desired product or service without having to look very far.
  • Graphics: The graphics of the website comprise of the logo, images, icons, animation, and video. These are visual aids that need to be appealing to your audience. These graphics need to subconsciously make the visitors connect to your offering and feel welcoming.
  • Content: This refers to the on-page headlines, body text and visuals that combine to get your message across. A good amount of content assures more visitors understand your products and services offered and quickly identify your WIIFM (what’s in it for me) which ultimately makes the visitor want to do business with you.
  • Navigation: Menus, buttons, and hyperlinks that allow users to move about a website is know as the navigation. The navigation is important in any website since directly impacts the user experience. A good navigation structure and flow will result in improving your site’s conversion rate and productivity.
  • Technology: It is important that the website is built in a modular way which is not only easy to manage and make future edits. We make your site future proof by using the wordpress platform which is both easy to manage, easy to upgrade, and easy to expand as your business content and services evolve.

These are just some of the important characteristic that make for good website design. The job of a web design company is to create an end product for you in the form of an easy to navigate website that remains user-friendly and will produce new business opportunities for many years to come. This is why professional web design services at Snap Digital Marketing are able to step in and put together a winning web design plan for you. Also consider exploring having Snap create a strategic pay per click advertising campaign to drive even more traffic to your new website.

We Design Services Custom Built For You

At Snap we understand that every business is different. Audiences are different, targeting is different, messaging is different, and sales cycles are different. That is why first sit down with each new client and take a deep dive into their business to create a custom marketing plan. This will include identifying your sales goals, what you expect to get out of an expertly designed website, who your competitors are, and how we plan to get your new site seen by the prospects who matter most. Award-winning website design + local business marketing = your success.